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I’m truly glad to have you. Before you begin, I’d like to take a moment to let you know that 1929 is not just another historical fiction series. It’s an addictive journey that sweeps you across genres. While you get to know and become close to the characters of 1929, understand that the world around them is more than it seems. But rest assured, all is connected, and all will come together.

After reading 1929: Book One, do not be dismayed in Elizabeth’s Heart: Book Two, when you meet Simon, whose only connection to the characters of 1929 is prophetic visions about them. And Elizabeth might only seem important to Simon, but she is much more than that. She is vital to the one man who finds himself in danger in 1929.

Moving on to 1930: Book Three, you will again laugh and cry with our beloved characters as they grind through another year of the Depression and fight for hope and survival.

Drifter: Book Four will take you away from Rockport but introduces you to an important character, Detective Sloan. Drifter documents Aryl’s missing year, while giving you a unique look at the life of a missing person’s detective.

Purgatory Cove: Book Five will take you into the mind of Elizabeth, at the exact moment where she fractures into a third personality. It also explains how closely Simon and Elizabeth are connected to the main cast.

And, 1931: Book Six brings all the cast together for resolution and closure, ending the saga. For now.

I do hope you’ll journey with me through the adventures of 1929. Thank you for reading.

"This book was well researched and really took the reader into 1929 and the big stock market crash. It follows three families as their lives are turned upside down. From to riches to rags, to love and revenge, to second chances and dangerous enemies, this book has it all. I look forward to reading the next book in the series."

- bestselling author of "The Guestbook," Andrea Hurst

"The historical perspective and emotions of the Crash and the Great Depression as seen through the eyes of the 3 twenty-something couples is richly woven by Gardner. I could see the grit of the city and lushness of the country as the friends changed their lives as a result of the crisis. Great read. I am looking forward to the next book in the series."

-reader, Karen Theveny

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