1931: Book Six

The saga of The 1929 Series continues as Aryl’s battle with opiates forces Jonathan and Caleb to take drastic measures in an effort to save him. Claire clings desperately to the hope that the man she fell in love with, and lost, will reemerge from the depths of his addiction.

Ava confronts a dark secret from her past that sends her spiraling deeper into postpartum depression. And instead of reaching out to Jonathan, she withdraws from her friends and her life.

While Arianna is expecting their third child, Caleb finds himself ensnared in Marvin’s tangled web of deceit and blackmail. He struggles to keep his family safe as he maneuvers his way out of the nightmare.

Bonds are renewed and further strengthened as the families band together. Will they have the tenacity to overcome their ordeals? Or will this forever destroy their friendships as they know it?

I’ve enjoyed this series very much. It was a diversion from the suspense/thriller novels I normally read. Reading this book was bittersweet because I knew this was the end.

This book puts focus on the trouble that Caleb is in. Once again, the friends come together to try to solve the problem. The story is wonderfully told while also wrapping up the series. A couple new characters are introduced. I was quite satisfied with the ending.
— Reader Review
Really enjoyed the series.The author did a great job with the character development - you really care for them. Throughout the series I was wondering if they would make it through all the adversities they each encountered.This last book tied it all together nicely ... all those confusing loose ends answered. Left me with a comfortable smile on my face - really hated to see it end. Well worth the read. A true testament to the power of friendship and a talented author. Best book of the series, however you really need to read the others (in order) to get the full impact of this journey and these wonderful characters.
— Reader Review
1931 Caleb's Err - Book Six (The 1929 Series)