Just a quick post to let everyone know that Short Stories from 1929 has been turned into an audio book and is in the final stages of review. A wonderful narrator by the name of Maxine Lennon who has the most amazing Irish accent did the voice work. I also just signed the contract to have her perform 1929 as well. Both will be available on iTunes and . Very excited about this new venture! A 1930 hint...

Gordon is a new character in 1930 who owns and operates a dairy farm near Pigeon Cove. Through Maura's loving insistence, he befriends a certain someone who recently lost a certain someone (or at least thinks they have lost a certain someone) and begins to help that person put the pieces of their life back together. Being a widower himself, he understands the pain and loss. Gordon sees the potential for more than friendship, however and finds himself falling in love. Meanwhile, Tarin, (Maura's niece) is all eyes for Gordon. ;-)

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