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 Holly Robinson

Holly Robinson

A few months back, M.L. Gardner asked me for a list of books/authors I recommended. Holly Robinson was on my short list.  Some books take you for a stroll or a Sunday drive. Holly's books take you on a journey. An engrossing journey filled with rocky paths and unexpected twists and turns. And to think she began college with dreams of becoming a doctor! I'm thankful that she discovered her passion for writing and brought these wonderful books to life. Buy "The Wishing Hill" here.

What is your name?

Holly Robinson

Describe your books/genre to our readers.

My books are generally categorized as women's fiction, literary fiction, or contemporary fiction--the plots revolve around women in conflicted relationships who are on emotional journeys of self discovery. However, having said that, I would also say that my novels are paced like mysteries, with family secrets or clues to important past events unfolding chapter-by-chapter to ramp up the narrative suspense.

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How and why did you become an author? Do you write full time?

I became an author because I was such an avid reader. I do write full time, because I'm lucky enough to make a living as a novelist, freelance ghost writer (usually for celebrity memoirs) and magazine journalist.

What makes you happy?

Reading, writing, hanging out with my kids, hiking with my dog, gardening, traveling, watching movies, eating lunch with friends, soaking in a hot tub--gosh, I don't know. The list of things that makes me happy is infinite.

Describe a typical day.

I take my youngest son to school, then work out at the gym and hike with my dog. After that, I tuck myself away in my office, which is in a civil-war era barn behind our house, and write fiction for as many hours as I can spare. Then I turn my attention to nonfiction in the afternoon to chip away at my various freelance deadlines. After I pick up my son from the bus, I make dinner for everyone, then read, do some more writing, or watch TV. I'm a big Masterpiece Theatre fanatic.

What are 3 fun things we should know about you?

1. I am a gerbil farmer's daughter. (Really--don't believe me? Check out my memoir!) 2. I once backpacked around Nepal, India, and Indonesia 3. I am a mother and stepmother, with a total of five children in our yours, mine & ours blended family

What advice would you give to indie authors?

Write your heart out. Don't worry about anything but getting the words on the page until you have a solid draft of your book. Then ask yourself, "What is this book about?" and make sure that every scene moves your story in that direction. When you do have a full draft, hire a developmental editor and a copy editor to help you put on the finishing touches--or at least have lots of other writer friends read it and help you catch mistakes in chronology, grammar, etc. No matter how hard you try to proof your own book, it's impossible to catch everything with your own eyes.

What are your goals for next year?

To write an even better book! I've vowed to write a new novel each year.

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Email: hollyrob1@gmail.com

After self-publishing my first novel, Sleeping Tigers, I sold my second novel, The Wishing Hill, to NAL/Penguin. Now they're publishing my next novel, Beach Plum Island, in April 2014. I'm so excited!



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