A New Member Of The Team

As everyone knows, I have worked closely with Lisa over last few years creating the 1929 series. With the growth and success of the series I have found that we simply could not handle everything that is required outside creative design. So, a few weeks ago I posted on my Facebook to all my readers that I needed an assistant and wrote up a job description that should have scared everyone away, but didn’t! I was humbled by the number of applicants. So many wonderful people with amazing backgrounds and warm smiles ready to help!

After a week of looking everything over, I set up a time to call Monica Haynes and we chatted for a bit about what the job would entail. From the moment I spoke to her, I knew she would be right for the job. She had read 1929, loved the series and the most important job qualifier, she believed in it. I offered for her to start September 1st.

She roared onto the scene from the word go, (several days early, actually) and has been working hard to clean up my digital house, bring new readers to the series and create new and exciting ways to interact with readers. One of the first things she tackled was a rafflecopter giveaway of the upcoming release, Drifter. You can enter to win here. Monica will be video announcing the winner every Monday until the release. While she will be helping to post relative content on the fan page 1929andBeyond and other social media outlets, I will continue to use my private MLG Facebook to interact with readers personally. I will also continue to run the facebook page, The Gardner’s Plot with teasers and snippets. 

I am thrilled to have Monica on the team. Welcome!


Posted on November 9, 2013 .