Music Monday: Daylen Orlick

Did you know that M.L. Gardner's "Elizabeth's Heart" has a theme song? Daylen Orlick took inspiration from the book and wrote a beautiful song titled, "Can't Make It Out Alone". Listen here. This young, yet experienced musician writes, plays and performs his own music and still finds time to attend college. He has a folksy, bluesy, pop one-of-a-kind sound that brings out his refreshingly frank lyrics. Buy his music here.

 Daylen Orlick

Daylen Orlick

What is your name?

Daylen Orlick

Describe your music style to our readers.

I feel that the best way to describe would probably be Singer- Songwriter/ alternative acoustic. I have a very eclectic sound to my music. Many people say its Bob Dylan-esque and I have also had many people describe it as pop.

How and why did you become a musician? Are you full-time?

It all started when I shattered my knee playing soccer at the age of twelve. After that day, I became very depressed because I felt like I had almost lost my identity. Then, one day my Uncle Scott came to visit from Colorado and bought me a video game called "Guitar Hero." I wouldn't stop playing and I feel like my parents actually became annoyed with how much I played it. But, one day when I was playing it my Dad came downstairs and said " You know, if you spent as much time playing this game as you did a real guitar, you would be able to learn how to actually play all of these songs!" It's been history ever since. I don't feel like I ever became a musician, music was just my new identity, it was, and is a way for me to express myself and be well me. Though I consider myself a musician, I never really became one. Me performing, writing and everything just took form.

I read that you write your own music. Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

I don't really find inspiration from anywhere. I just kinda sit down and write what I'm feeling and whatever comes out on the paper, comes out on the paper. I don't really tell myself "I'm going to write a song about world hunger." I just kinda write and work around a topic and see where it leads me.

I understand that you wrote a song for M.L. Gardner's "Elizabeth's Heart." How did this come about?

Well, it all came about a little while after I released my first album "Alone In My Head." I became friends with the artist who wrote a song for her first novel "Jonathans Cross" and he suggested her to me. She then emailed me and we discussed me writing music for "Elizabeth's Heart" she sent me over a copy, and presto!

Describe a typical day.

My day varies every day but here is a typical day. I wake up, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, rush to starbucks before class starts, I usually have a couple of music courses, then I eat lunch with some friends, then I have a couple of more music courses, then I rush to work, come back, Skype my lovely girlfriend, do some homework, get Sbarro, fall asleep, then repeat.

What are your fondest musical memories?

I have a long list of fond musical moments and memories. My favorite musical memory would have to be my first performance in Manhattan. It was so amazing! Everything just fell into place I was with my family and friends and it was just perfect. The lights in Manhattan just seemed to have been shining for a different reason that night and it was all just so surreal.

Name a musician you absolutely love.

Being a musician, I respect and love all musicians! But, my favorite musician is definitely John Mayer. He is so unbelievably talented. His lyric structure is just perfection, what he writes about is so deep and on top of all of that he is a great guitarist.

What are your personals goals for the upcoming year?

My personal goals are just do well in school, keep writing and hopefully write enough to where I can create a second album. But, things always change over the course of time.

Connect With Him

Readers can contact me for advice or to talk. They can contact me by emailing me at, follow my twitter accounts @daylenorlick and @daylen__orlick and if they would like to contact me for shows email me at

I'm just an 18 year old kid trying to speak to people through my music. I'm a human being and I love talking so never be afraid to email me for anything at all! If you want to listen to my music go onto and you can also purchase my album on iTunes if you search Daylen Orlick. Love you guys! :)

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