Music Monday: Christopher Trosclair

 Christopher Trosclair

Christopher Trosclair

Although I took piano lessons for years, I'm not a natural. My fingers stumble, my rhythm is off and the pieces sound stilted or forced. Pianist Christopher Trosclair, on the other hand, defines talent. With his effortless manipulation of the keys, the music pours out of him and flows like water over a rocky river bed. Christopher's original compositions are both soothing and complex, an amazing blend of melody interwoven with harmonious sounds. He's a true musical phenomenon. He's a faithful Christian. He's the real deal. Meet Christopher Trosclair.

What is your name?

Christopher T. Trosclair

Describe your music style to our readers.

My style of music is a cross over between New Age and classical piano. I love to create music that focuses more on melody, while at the same time having subtle harmonies and dissonances that take somewhat of a back seat on occasion.

How and why did you become a musician. Are you full-time?

I've always loved music. Both my parents are musical to one extent or the other, and I've always fiddled around with it. When I was very young, my mother began showing me the basics of piano, until I began taking classical lessons which lasted about three to four years. I am not currently a full-time musician, seeing as I have a regular job at the local Chick-fil-a. I do, however hope to go full time with my music in the future.

What is your song writing process? Where do you find inspiration?

There's no set "process". Sometimes the creative juices get flowing without prior warning which, more often then not, happens at the most inopportune times. In these cases I grab the nearest pen and scrap of paper, draw my staff lines, and scribble what notes I can get down before I forget. Once it's gone, it very rarely comes back. I tend to find inspiration in listening to the greats- Bach, Brahms, Mozart, et. al., and sometimes more modern composers such as Karl Jenkins, Phillip Glass, and Roy Todd. Sometimes, a phrase or melody will just dawn on me, and I'll complete a four-minute piece (give or take) in half an hour.

I read that your faith is a big part of your life. How is that reflected in your music?

You're right, being a Bible-believing Christian is not something you can just set aside and pick up again on Sunday. If you really mean it and surrender your life as I have, it controls every facet of everything you do. This includes my music. I love doing hymn arrangements, playing offeratories at church, playing the organ, and even accompanying soloists on occasion.

Do you prefer to play solo or do you ever see yourself as part of a group and why?

I love playing with an ensemble! I just currently lack the wherewithal to do so. Whenever I get the chance to play with another musician, or accompany a singer, I take it. Alot of times, this happens in church.

Beautiful solo piano, composed and performed by Chris Trosclair

What are 3 things many people don't know about you?

Well, my parents were missionaries to the U.S. armed forces in Germany, and my little sister and I were both born there. I have four dogs, which occasionally can be a hassle... And I play the guitar, a little mandolin, (I tried picking up the banjo, but it didn't agree with me) and eventually I'd like to learn the violin.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

In the fall of next year I plan on attending Southeastern University in Hammond, LA. for a degree in music, and piano performance. I may study music teaching as well. Next year I also would like to release an album or two.

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