New Year, New Goals


Looking ahead at a brand new year is exciting and hopeful. I know this is a psychological phenomenon because time really just marches on steadily, one day, week and month into the next. But, with the rolling over of a new year it gives us a chance to make a clean 'break' from last year, even if just mentally.

I sat up on New Years Eve in a quiet house, (hubby at work, kids at their aunt's house) covered in cats and thought about resolutions. I used to set them but abandoned them a few years back because I set my goals too high and would often be disappointed. But I definitely want to use this 'clean break' mentality to change a few things. Not loving the word 'resolutions' I have set 'goals' for 2014 as follows.

2K words a day. The last few years I have written compulsively. Seems like an entire week goes by that I don't write at all and then there are times when I write non stop for days. I'd like to even this out, if possible, and see if it affects my productivity.

Speaking of productivity, my goal is to release three books this year. Which is sort of cheating because Purgatory Cove is mostly finished and 1931 is half finished. But that just means there will be a better chance that I will meet this goal!

Should I find myself with more time I'd like to complete Sayan Knights, a re-write of Reclaming Katie and Simply, Mine from Jake's point of view. The last two projects are not too terribly time intensive so there is a good chance I can get to those as well.

Lose 40 pounds. I have 80 to lose. I'm happy with getting rid of half of that this year. If there is one resolution/goal fail I have had consistently, it is saying that I would lose all the weight I need to lose this year simply because it is physically possible. Forty pounds is very realistic with my low carb diet, even sans exercise. I'd like to have a goal of going to the gym three times a week, but I don't want to set myself up for goal failure. So we'll just leave it at 40 pounds.

Read 25 books in 2014. This averages 2 books a month and realistic for what I have going on with work and home. I'd also like to start reviewing and produce a quarterly newsletter of all the book reviews that Monica, Lisa and I have done.

So, that's my goal list for 2014. Psychological phenomenon or not, it feels good to set goals, feeling like you have a clean slate and anything is possible. Here's to a fantastic 2014!

Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh = Happy New Year!

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Posted on January 4, 2014 and filed under Writing.