Purgatory Cove and 1931

I wanted to write this week about Purgatory Cove - Book Five and 1931 Caleb's Err - Book Six. I have been getting very excited as both of these books are nearing completion. I've begun a rolling editing process, finalizing a section and send it off for editing while I'm working on the next.

First, Purgatory Cove will be a novella, technically, and will be priced at 99c. This one has forced me to stretch my creative legs. An unofficial, spur of the moment summary would go something like this:

Elizabeth Williams has just learned that her love, Simon Sinclair, has died. This overwhelming devastation causes her to retreat into her own mind where a third personality is born - a stronger, more determined Elizabeth.

Remember the part in Elizabeth's Heart where they tell her Simon died and she grows very quiet, screams, then looks up and everyone realizes that it's not Elizabeth looking back at them? The first half of this novella takes place in the span of those few seconds where she actually fractures. In the second half of the novella Elizabeth, (Elizabeth the first, Simon's Elizabeth, whatever you want to call her) watches from the recesses of her mind as the other personality lives her life. You'll see some of the scenes in which stronger Elizabeth was in control in Elizabeth's Heart, from a different prospective. Like, when Aryl was rescued and brought to the house. This continues until the end of the novella when Elizabeth finally...

Nope, sorry, not going to give you the end! I think it's perfect, deserved and a wonderful lead in to the next book.

Speaking of 1931...

So much time and energy has gone into this (almost) last book and I have loved every minute of it. It has been much more than just writing a book, however. There is a lot to cover in 31 and I am painstakingly pouring over the other books to make sure that I don't miss a single detail or overlook a loose end that needs to be tied. And there are a lot of loose ends. There is the problem with Marvin, of course. Ava began acting very strange toward the end of 1930, right about the time that Shannon and Patrick took off for Oklahoma. Wonder how they're doing? Of course the biggest problem on Jonathan and Caleb's hands right now is a very angry, very addicted Aryl, who I left tied to a tree at the end of the last book. There are a few new characters to round out the grand finale. We also get to know some valuable characters who have stayed in the peripheral. Muzzy, for one.

What else can I tell you about the sixth book with out giving away any spoilers? I can tell you that 1931 is the culmination of all the books before it. I will explain everything that needs explanation and resolve the issues that are troubling our beloved characters. Wrapping it all up in a neat bow. Mind you, I said neat, not perfect. No one wins the lottery. They still have many years of the depression to survive. Two final things. I will post very small snippets of Purgatory Cove and 31 on my facebook in the coming weeks. No spoilers. Just small teasers. Just a sentence or short paragraph. Also, nearly everyone from the previous books will have a cameo in scene or reference in 1931, appearing for one last farewell.


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