Three Things for Fall

  I made these shelves to house my bulk storage items which I store in half gallon mason jars.

I made these shelves to house my bulk storage items which I store in half gallon mason jars.

First on my Fall checklist is soup ingredients. Soups, stews, chili and chowders are a staple for cold autumn evenings by the fire. I went through my pantry today, made sure I had all our favorite beans and made sure to top off what I was low on. Then I checked to make sure I had enough canned pork, chicken and beef cubes and of course spices.

I didn’t always cook with a lot of beans. I have Lisa to thank for getting me started on them. She makes split pea from scratch regularly and I politely declined to try them for years. Then I one day I did and it changed everything. I feel bad having raised two of my three kids without making delicious nutritious bean soups and stews. I’m making up for it now and through the fall and winter enjoy a different recipe once a week. My go-to site for recipes is I just type in what sounds good, (white bean potato cheddar…yum) and something always pops up. If it’s not the complete recipe, it’s enough for me to get started with anyway and create something on my own.

Second, Cocoa. Can’t have too much. Honestly, a 55 gallon barrel might work. I make my own and have a few weeks’ worth on hand so I’ll have to buy what’s needed and start mixing.

Here’s the recipe I use.

12 cups instant milk

3 cups coffee creamer

4 cups sugar

2 ½ cups cocoa

Mix and store. (gotta love simplicity)

To use add 3 TBSP (or so) per cup of milk in a sauce pan and heat on medium until blended and smooth.

This is not instant. Good things come to those who wait.

Third, a new red hoodie. My hoodie from last year was a size 18/20. This year I’m in a 12/14. (Woot-Woot!)

There. That’s my major Fall checklist. Let the frost begin!

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Posted on October 14, 2014 and filed under Dear Diary.