Why I love Jonathan

 Image from Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/290130400966035816/

Image from Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/290130400966035816/

I love all the 1929 characters. Not equally, mind you. Some I definitely love more than others and for different reasons. There are several reasons why I love Jonathan.  For the longest time I couldn’t put into words exactly what those reasons were. Working on the Prequel to the series made it crystal clear. All this time I assumed it was because he was the leader of the group. (The ring leader as Ava put it.) Smart, in charge and not afraid to make hard decisions. But that isn’t why. As I was working on a scene in the prequel I realized it’s because he’s not afraid to show his weak side. At the start of the series it is within pages of your meeting him that he’s on his knees, hopeless. All this time I thought his hopelessness and subsequent depression was exclusive to his world falling apart financially. I’ve since learned in the prequel that’s not the case. Here’s a passage from the upcoming prequel "Somewhere Only We Know" where after meeting and falling in love with Ava there is something that drives them apart.


Maura opened the door to Jonathan’s bedroom with a stack of fresh linens in her arms.

“Mr. Jonathan, I’ll need to change the sheets.”

He grunted and slipped below the covers.

“Please, don’t,” he said, just as she threw back the heavy drapes, flooding the room with light.

He groaned louder. She walked to his side, flipped the edge of the covers back and felt his head.

 “I don’t feel well.”

“Yer not feverish.”

“This wouldn’t have anythin’ to do with Miss Ava, now would it?”

“Go away, Maura.”

“At least get up and bathe while I change the sheets.”

“I won’t die without fresh sheets every day. My mother only changed the sheets once a week,” he grumbled.

“Mr. Jonathan, ye can’t just lay here in bed, pining over her.”

“Yes, I can.”

“Mr. Jonathan,” she said with considerably less patience. “Forgive me for saying so, but taking to ones bed over a broken heart is typically a thing that women do.”

He poked his disheveled head out of the covers and glared. “Is that a law?”

She threatened a smile. “Shall I fetch you a box of chocolates to round out the experience?”


God love Maura. What I have realized in writing the prequel is that Jonathan was a bit prone to depression even before the crash. Whenever there is loss of any kind, he is vulnerable and not afraid to show it. So while there are a number of reasons why I love Jonathan, this has to top the list. And because in the end he always gets up and goes after what he wants.

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Posted on October 21, 2014 and filed under Writing, The 1929 Series.