Those life long friends

I don’t have what some would consider ‘a lot’ of friends. I’m okay with that. I tend to keep my social circle pretty tight. However, those friends I do have, I tend to have for life. And I’d rather have five lifelong friends than dozens that wander in and out through the stages.

Today I visited a woman I’ve known for over twenty years. I met Rhonda back when my children were very small and I operated a home daycare in order to be home with them. She brought her kids to me from an ad in the newspaper and we’ve been friends ever since.  I took care of her youngest from the time she was six weeks old until she started school and just last month, that little girl got married. How times zips by and don’t I feel old! After we moved away from Utah, I only saw Rhonda a handful of times while we were gone. But every time I did see her it was big hugs, smiles, coffee and sitting down to talk as if we hadn’t missed a week. She’s one of those people you are completely comfortable around and can really be yourself. We are both insanely busy and rarely take a break for that coffee and talk anymore, even though we live close again. Family and work demands are enormous for both of us. But today I threw work and home aside and ran away to her house for great coffee and lots of catching up. We both sat in one place for longer than we’re used to and it was greatly needed on both sides. Today I’m just feeling very grateful to have friends like this. Each one is worth twelve.

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Posted on October 22, 2014 and filed under Dear Diary.