Stepping Into the Past


Whenever Monica and I talk about the world of Indie writing, publishing and designing it always comes down to one thing. It’s a lifestyle. There are no set days and hours. The to-do list is never ending and the rules are always changing. There are no holidays or vacations, either. When I went to Washington State last June I was in daily contact with Monica and online managing things. My mother in law saw me scurrying off to the corner with my laptop several times a day and finally asked my husband, “What’s she doing?” To which he replied, “Working.”

When Monica and her family went to the ocean last August, she, too was online daily and I think we even talked on the phone a few times. It’s not that we are complaining. We aren’t. Because it’s a lifestyle and we chose it.

As such, you’d think I’d blog all the time about the ins and outs of running a business, of being an independent, the writing process, grammar rules, Amazon’s ever evolving partnership and the struggle and strife of it all.  But I don’t. Because the independent writing lifestyle is only one part of my overall lifestyle and only one part of me. I see blogs all the time where Indie authors provide all of the above mentioned material and do it quite well. In fact, I’ve often wondered what there is left to contribute. Some of these authors have devoted a lot of hours to their research and offer wonderful articles. I do (and from a business standpoint, need to) read them. But I don’t so much enjoy writing them. Blogging has been my Achilles heel because I have a hard time faking it. I can’t sit down, pour over data and then produce an article on Amazon’s analytics with any meaning. I’d be lucky if it made sense. I want to know about it, but I’m simply not that “into it” to write about it. That’s the kind of person I am. For better or worse, right or wrong, if I’m not into it, it’s not getting done.

Something else I chose, know and love, is home and family. I like the old ways. I love the lost arts and lost knowledge and scour daily to find it, preserve it and go a step further and live it. I believe this is why writing 1929 was so easy, but I am struggling to write the prequel of opulence and indulgence.

I do things differently than a lot of people and am proud of it. Those are the things I want to share. These are the articles I want to contribute. Some see it as nostalgia or a peek into the past. Some may wish to adopt a few of the old ways to simply their life here and there and a few may wish to incorporate simplicity into their lives to the point where it becomes a lifestyle. This is what I have done and continue to do. My life is constantly in a state of rewind as I find older, more reliable, more sustainable ways to live. It’s de-evolving, really, but in the best way. Little by little I am detaching from the modern world and find myself a better person for it. I want to share that with you. Take from it what you will.  I began a blog post yesterday by listing all the things I no longer buy, but have learned to make. The list got so long that I scrapped the post and came up with a new plan. Over the next month I will post (daily if holidays allow) things I now make instead of buy. I hope you enjoy a peek at this side of my lifestyle and are able to take something from it for your own.

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Posted on November 23, 2014 and filed under Homecraft Happiness.