Woodworking for Charity

Even before Halloween, I have had Christmas on the brain. When I'm not writing, I'm woodworking. My son actually asked me to make him something this year. He wants a new desk and matching storage cabinet. Not much of a surprise, but it shows he actually has faith that I can join two pieces of wood together.  I’ll need to get started on it soon with snow coming. Even though I have an enclosed woodshop, it’s not heated and stain doesn’t dry very well when the high is 23 degrees.

What I’m really excited about this year is what I’m doing for charity. My church adopts several families for Christmas and this year I am going to make and donate doll furniture. I’ve attached the links to the plans I’m going to use if any of you want to get a head start on the holidays and make these for a little one in your life.  I will post pictures of Christmas projects I am working on as the month progresses.


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Posted on November 3, 2014 and filed under Homecraft Happiness.