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More times than not Monica (my assistant) and I start out talking business and end up goofing off. Which is half the fun with this job. Sometimes we just break down into fun and giggles and ridiculousness. Today’s LOL conversation started when she sent me a link to the new Amazon Echo. The slogan is: "Introducing Amazon Echo. Always ready, connected, and fast. Just ask."

And the messaging begins. (I Copied/Pasted our IM conversation with Monica's permission.)

Me: What on earth is that?

Monica: After reading the description, I'm still not sure.

Me: Me either, that's why I asked!

Monica: I can see where something like this is kinda spooky, but like I said, I'm a tech junkie and love the idea of saying, "Alexa, play me some jams!"

Me: LOL. Um, I still don't have a flat screen. Give me my log cabin and hand wheat grinder any day. This stuff scares me.

Monica: Plus, Amazon's ingenuity continues to amaze me. This week, they announced that amazon prime customers get unlimited photo storage in the cloud. I pay apple for photo storage, now I get it as an added benefit with prime.

Me: Sometimes the idea of an EMP is appealing. This is one of those times. So, it’s a box that you talk to and then it does stuff? Like an amazon robot that can probably read your mind? If it has more than two buttons, I’ll pass. Lol.

Monica: That's why you write the 1929 series and Sayan. One day when the world falls apart, you'll say to me, I told you so.

Me: Feel free to show up on my doorstep when the apocalypse happens.

Monica: oh, you know I will! If you're full, I'll go to Lisa's.

Me: No, stay with me. I need your children. We’ll have Avonlea picking berries, Thatcher splitting firewood and Violet can hand wash sheets. We'll run around making cheese and supervise. Oh and I’ll make us all BONNETS.

Monica: Sounds heavenly. Lisa can make the soap so we'll stay clean. I'm so wearing a bonnet because I won't be able to color my hair.

Me: And I’ll make Thatcher some burlap overalls. Who needs shoes when you have burlap overalls. Your husband can go hunting with my husband.

Monica: Sounds like our backup plan is perfect.

Me: LOLOLOL ON THE HAIR. I just got that. That's what the berries and used percolator coffee grounds are for. Trust me, I’ve got us covered.

Monica: And since there will be no technology, I'll have absolutely nothing to contribute but will learn the ropes from the master.

Me: LOL. Well, we'll try to rig up some solar panels and keep you from severe withdrawals. I wouldn’t want to have to tie you to a tree if you don’t get your fix and go nuts.

Monica: I've gotta keep the M.L. Gardner train running!

Me: If there’s anyone left who’ll care. Who knew the end of the world could be so fun! Way more fun than that scary box that can read your mind!


I think without Monica and our lol’s, I’d go nuts. In November, the month of gratitude, I’m so grateful for her and silly conversations like these that make me smile. I hope our silliness brings a smile to you as well.

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Posted on November 6, 2014 and filed under Dear Diary.