'Tis the Season...to be Sick

After hearing that Monica's daughter is down with the stomach flu, I sent her this recipe for homemade Gatorade. When small children get the stomach flu, their electrolytes can become imbalanced very quickly. It is especially dangerous when they are vomiting. The body will hold on to what water it needs to function as it travels through the intestines, so even with diarrhea, while it can still happen, there is less of a chance of dehydration. With vomiting, the risk of dehydration goes up exponentially and it doesn't take much to throw the little ones systems out of whack.  To help restore electrolytes, even if it's just micro sips every hour, or frozen into popsicles, try this recipe. It's fast, simple and frugal. (And good for hot sweaty summers as well as sick times!)

M.L. Gardner's Homemade Gatorade.jpg
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Posted on December 19, 2014 and filed under Homecraft Happiness, Frugal Eating.