More Details About Purling Road

 Purling Road, A 1929 Serial

Purling Road, A 1929 Serial

This has been a hard secret to hold. You probably thought I have been just sitting at home, crocheting blankets and snuggling with my cats. (big grin) Although I mentioned it on Facebook a few days ago, I want to officially announce it.

Purling Road, A 1929 Serial is in the works.

While Monica is working on a post with details about where and how you can access this when it is available, I will share some other details on the creative side.

So many of you have expressed an interest in reading more about our favorite characters. It isn't that I have ignored these requests or haven't wanted to go back to Rockport myself. I just couldn't figure out a way to extend the series without being ridiculous. Thinking in terms of a traditional novel, Lisa and I have sat down countless times and tried to knock out a skeleton of a story line to work with. Every time we failed for two reasons. First, Simon's Watch will (eventually, one day, I promise) come along. So to insert another book there wouldn't work. And second, what could we possibly put these characters through that wouldn't be over the top?  That's what I mean by ridiculous. 1931 ended in such a sweet place.

Which is exactly where we have picked it back up.

However, we decided to forgo the novel format and instead create a serial. Just like the kind our characters tuned in to hear every week on the radio.

This solved so many problems. We have said time and time again that there is still so much to tell, yet none of it fit neatly into a novel or even short stories. Now, readers that want more can follow more and readers that feel that the series ended when it should have won't feel pressured to buy another book.

With the bi-weekly serial format, we can continue to share the joys and sorrows of these characters lives in an ongoing story. Outside the novel format there isn't the pressure to creating seemingly insurmountable problems and see the characters through to the resolution. What we can tell are simply the stories of their life. You should have heard mine and Lisa's hysterical laughter when we figured this out.

Here are the details that I can share.

  1. The name of the serial is Purling Road.
  2. This will be free. Yes, FREE as a thank you to those who have been with me so long, repeatedly asked for more of the characters we love so dearly and have been so patient waiting for each novel to come out. Eventually, I will package it up and put on Amazon, but you will have access to each episode free through the season.
  3. Here's what I know you guys aren't expecting. The first episode will launch January 1st 2015. I'll bet you thought you'd have to wait until summer, didn't you!
  4. We are creating a Pinterest board for every episode. Personally, I love the visual aspect and we have done our best to find pictures of items or places from the episode. I plan to post to these boards ahead of time, so you can get a sneak peek into the next episode. You can find the first episode's board here.

There will be ten episodes in each season. Episodes may gently lead into situations for the next installment, but there will be no cliffhangers here. I know some of you will be grateful for that. We have episodes for the first season completed and half the episodes for season two are in development. I will most likely take a month long break between seasons. (A break in releasing, not in working.)

There you have it. I hope this makes you as happy as it has made Lisa and I to develop it. I  know we are ecstatic to be back in Rockport.

Purling Road

Episode One

"A Wink and a Nod"

Caleb tells the others that he's decided to quit fishing. As everyone is adjusting, they meet William, the new Sheriff, whose odd tic has everyone a bit on edge. Someone new in town catches Muzzy's eye while Emily's reunion with Arthur brings unexpected news. Coming January 1, 2015!

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