The Journey Thus Far

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Six years ago I published a mammoth of a novel, 1929. I was brand new to the business of being an independent author and was in every sense of the word, clueless. Every decision was uncharted territory and I encountered tomes of conflicting advice.  On top of that, I hadn't fully gotten over my phobia of having my words out there for others to read. It was no longer a debilitating phobia, but it was a distracting one. I was also homeschooling and walking to work, uphill, both ways, in the snow. (kidding) I drove to work.  But I was working at the time and splitting myself five different ways while learning the ropes. It was a rough journey. Here's where I should say that the learning process was one of growth and beauty. It wasn't. I am an impatient person. If there's something I want to learn, I want to learn it now and want to master it in five minutes. Therefore this journey had times where it was uncomfortable and stressful. While I am so glad to have learned what I have, I'm even more glad to be in a position where I usually know what's going on.

When I first released 1929 I knew there were errors no matter how many times it had been proofread. (six times, actually) I couldn't afford professional editing and simply did the best I could with what I had. Still, it bothered me. While writing the entire series it nagged at me that 1929 was not the best it could be. I promised myself that when I could afford professional editing, the kind that caused me to have heartburn while writing the check, I would do it. It's been a long, slow climb. But I finally made it. And yes, it gave me heartburn. But, all those rouge commas, the tense issues that were sprinkled about, the proper use of was vs. were, all those have been fixed. I sent 1929 through professional editing and finally, after six years, it isn't nagging at me anymore and I feel like I can relax and move on to the next leg of this journey.

We joke with our girly cat, Pearl, that one day we'll send her to the "Pampered Pet Poof and Puff" for a kitty spa day. Well, that's essentially that what I have done with 1929.  (Pearl isn't thrilled that I spent the money on the book and not her.)

1929 was pretty, but now she shines. Complete with new formatting and interior design, plus a stunning cover beautifully designed by The Thatchery, I feel our girl is ready for a second debut.

You will be able to update your kindle with the new version within 4 weeks. We'll notify you once Amazon gives us the green light. As always, thank you for reading.

P.S. 1929 is FREE on Smashwords!! 

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