Quick, Easy and Frugal Holiday Idea

This one falls under the category, "Why didn't I think of this before." Recently I was at a craft show and came across a woman selling beautiful cake stands. They weren't the crystal clear or white kinds you buy in the store. With unique colors and styles, some were single tier, some multi tier...I was in awe. When I looked closer, I realized these were actually just dishes glued together. This is such a simple, obvious idea yet it never crossed my mind. (Even though I LOVE cakestands) At Christmas I have a dessert table that rivals the main course. I love to have all the desserts arranged on different dishes, sitting at different levels and sprinkle candles or oil lamps throughout. Until now, I've simply slipped things under the tablecloth like a few books, a small parcel box or a casserole dish, anything to give that elegant buffet look.

Well, no more boxes and books for me! Now, looking and doing are two different things. There have been a few times I've seen something in the store and tried to recreate it at home only to struggle.  But this is so simple I was fairly certain I could handle it. You can use dishes, platters, saucers or chargers. For the base you can use bowls, dessert dishes, wine glasses, vases, figurines, the list goes on and on.

I went to the thrift store and spent five dollars. (plus another two dollars for super glue) I made three cake stands, two of which match. It was silly how excited I was do this. Now I can create stands that match my kitchen, my personality and even make themed ones for holidays, birthdays, Easter, weddings, multi-tiered, Halloween, personalize for friends and family as gifts...the possibilities are endless. By the time I'm done, I may have to build a second hutch just to hold all my cake stands!

Three cake/food stands for seven dollars. I encourage you to try this. Google Homemade Cake Stands and get some creative inspiration. It's frugal, fun and functional.

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