Homecraft Happiness: Intro

 Homemade beeswax and hand dipped candles. We'll talk about these in a later post!

Homemade beeswax and hand dipped candles. We'll talk about these in a later post!

If I told you how little I paid for my house, your jaw would drop. The few people I have told have looked at me astounded and said, “I didn’t know it was possible to buy a habitable home for that!” Well, habitable (at first) not so much. We worked for two weeks to make it so before we moved in. I wasn’t looking for curb appeal, wasn’t looking to keep up with the Jones, (God forbid) and I wasn’t looking to impress people. I was looking to get out of paying rent and didn’t want a mortgage chain around my neck. While this isn’t our ideal home, (we want land) we are working towards that every day. Having no mortgage allows us to inch toward our goals much faster. It allows us more freedom and to weather storms more easily.

It allows me to stay home and write and never set an alarm clock. (The irony here, now that I never set my alarm, I always get up really early. Go figure.) But still, I’ve always detested living by an alarm. My husband has always detested wearing watches. To him, it was a constant reminder to “Go, go, go. You’re going to be late. Hurry, hurry.” We just don’t want to live like that. So, I have no alarm and he has no watch.

But it goes much deeper than that. We feel connected and drawn to the old ways. We are constantly trying to rewind time in our homes and our daily lives. I can food, sew (well, I’m still practicing) cook mainly from scratch, crochet blankets, make candles, prefer oil lamps to overhead lighting and the only magazine we buy is Backwoods Home.  The modern world and materialism don’t interest me. In fact, the further I disconnect from modern life, the happier I am. We haven’t had cable in almost two years and I don’t miss it. I recently bought a hutch at a second hand store so I can close off my TV all together and don’t even see it.  Personally, I want to chuck it out the window but the teenagers protest. I indulge them with Netflix. I prefer quiet, my mp3 music or radio shows. Both old and current. 

For the eight happy months Monica has been my assistant she has been telling me I need to blog more. I always sit down and try to come up with anything that would be remotely interesting or helpful to the world. I always came up short. Then, as I was working outside trying to revive some severely neglected rose bushes, I realized that the way I live, the way I choose to spend my time, spend my money and what I’ve learned along the way might actually be helpful. Why not blog about that? Maybe it will be interesting. Maybe it will help someone. So, if you’ve read my books and want to know more about me, here’s your chance. But be warned, it’s most likely not at all what you’d expect.

Posted on May 2, 2014 and filed under Homecraft Happiness.