Homecraft Happiness: A man and his ladder.

A few days ago my husband informed me that we would be getting to 80 degrees this weekend. Ugh. I don’t like the heat, especially when I’m suffering from “canning fever”. We decided it was time to get the swamp cooler ready to go. In Utah most everyone has swamp coolers, not air conditioners. Works the same and just as well, in my opinion. They are roof mounted which means that hubby has to get up on the roof to service and start it, and again in the fall to service and shut it down. Last year a friend helped us out and loaned us their ladder. This year, we needed to do it ourselves. So, hubby went off to Home Depot to ladder shop.

He came home empty handed, not willing to pay over 300 dollars for a 12 foot ladder we’d only use twice a year. Not without serious consideration and my blessing, that is. (Good Man) Needless to say, I’m not giving it. That’s just ridiculous. So after a few hours thought, hubby decided to build what he needed.

It took 15 dollars in materials, just over an hours’ time and I am, as we speak, sitting in cool comfort while it heats up outside.

To make the ladder he purchased (2) 12ft 2x4s. Cost, 10 dollars. I had lots of scrap 2x4’s from other projects so for a hug and a kiss, I gave him all the scrap he needed. He cut up 12 inch lengths of 2x4 and used the Kreg Jig (best invention since cheese) to secure each rung with (4) 2 ½ inch pocket screws. (cost of pocket screws, 5 dollars.) I have some left over poly and we’ll put on a coat to protect it since it isn’t pressure treated lumber. With care, it’ll last a few years.

Poof. Problem solved. 12 foot ladder for 15 dollars.

Posted on May 6, 2014 and filed under Building, Homecraft Happiness.