Let the games begin!

I like to joke when I'm on an hcg round that I'm playing the hunger games. Today starts round four, day one. Which is loading. For the first two days of injections you eat (to capacity) the highest fat foods you can get your hands on. Sounds fun, right? Well, not so much. The first four hours are great. And then you're waddling around with that Thanksgiving full feeling knowing you have 44 more hours of this. It makes no sense, right? Starting a diet by bingeing is crazy. But it works or I wouldn't be back for a fourth time. THIS TIME, I'm bringing my husband and best friend along with me to play. (Insert evil laugh here)

I came across the hcg protocol when researching ways to combat fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and depression. At the height of my symptoms I was pretty useless to myself and my family. I didn't want to go on a handful of medications and insisted on something natural. I found a lot of people who found relief in going sugar free. That led me to Atkins. While Atkins was great and I did feel better within a week (and dropped thirty pounds in ninety days) I just couldn't wrap my mind around living like that forever. Never ever ever having a piece of birthday cake at a party. That research led me to hcg. I researched for another six weeks and then dove in. Three rounds and thirty-seven (more) pounds later, I'm back again. I do feel so much better physically and the depression is gone. (save the crazy week, of course) The fibromyalgia is under control and I'm back to getting up at five and working twelve-plus hour days. And best of all, I'm showing so many people around me that there is a better way to end the diet yo-yo cycle. I won't go on and on singing hcg's praises. I will post a few links at the bottom for anyone interested in learning more. These two sources are about the best in the industry as far as I'm concerned. Just know that hcg is a hormonal treatment, a protocol, not a diet. Eventually you grow up and go back into the real world and eat dinner at the table with everyone else. My first test of "real world" eating was in Washington at my in-laws and it went great.  A whole week eating whatever I wanted, eating to hunger and didn't gain an ounce. (There was cheesecake involved people. This is a miracle.)

Initially I started this post to update you on writing. But, since I'm loading right now with cheese in one hand and fudge in the other, I thought I'd throw that in for those who might benefit from looking into it. It's been a life saver for me.

Writing has been like a race car in overdrive on nitrous. The real kicker here is that I am making fewer errors working this fast. Go figure. I am 30K into Somewhere Only We Know, which is a prequel to 1929 and focuses on Jonathan and Ava meeting. How the others met and married are also covered in memory and conversation. I am 12K words into the follow up to Sayan Knights called Anareta. Two days ago while working, Lisa called and had an idea and true to our style, that erupted into the bones of a third book. We have the very crude outline and will blow that up into a scene breakdown while she is visiting this week. And, we are feeling several prequels and follow ups with this one. This story that started as one single book has exploded into many. We couldn't be happier.

On a funny note, this books problem words were Perhaps and Slightly. See, in every book I overuse two words. I mean I really overuse them. It's ridiculous. I don't even realize I'm doing it until Lisa lets me know that she has. We started keeping track of these overused words and joke about stringing them into a title one day. So far we have, "And then, might could, perhaps slightly." There are more, (because I do this with every book)  but I can't find the little scraps of paper I wrote them on as we were working on the series.

Well, I'm off to bed. Lisa will be here tomorrow and we have so much to accomplish in the time she's here, I'd better sleep while I can.

Everyone have a great day. Links are below.

http://hcgchica.com/ She's on facebook too!)

Robin Woodall- Weight Loss Apocalypse https://www.youtube.com/user/WeightLossApocalypse (She has a fantastic book available)

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