The Devil Wears Red Converse

Only because I don't own Prada. If my husband has his way, I will one day. He's a high end shoe junkie. Not me. Give me red Converse (Vans do nicely, too) comfortable jeans and a button up or hoodie and I'm good.

As far as the devil part, well, that's accurate on a day like today. Even my cats are giving me the cautious eye and not getting too close. I was bumping around the kitchen (and by bumping I mean very aggressively cooking spaghetti (I'm amazed it didn't end up on the ceiling) trying to think of what on earth to blog about tonight. I'm behind schedule due to Lisa being here and working compulsively.

Today is the kind of day where every happy subject I thought to write about only irritated me more. You know that kind of day. Everyone's had them. You feel 'off ' to start with and no matter how hard you try, you can only see the glass half empty. All your hopes and dreams seem a lifetime away no matter how hard you work and your fears and insecurities rise up like demons and dance around you. Little bastards refuse to let you have a "good day".  Everything seems to go wrong. You snap a hissing 'yesssssss' through gritted teeth to anyone who tries to talk to you, minor inconveniences feel like major ones, pms is creeping around the edges and your damn foot won't stop cramping because it's too frigging hot outside and you aren't drinking enough water. Yeah, one of those days.

After finishing the spaghetti for my son--which I can't have since I am in the middle of a highly restrictive hcg round adding to the frustration factor--I apologized to my husband for being a mega witch on steroids. I rattled off two dozen things that were eating away at me and he listened patiently. He's a good guy. Who loves shoes. And me. Lord knows I wonder why sometimes. But I'm grateful.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be more in the frame of mind to write about what Lisa and I did while she was here. We were very productive. There's a lot to report. These days, none of our vacations together are true vacations. We always work. There's good stuff bubbling and brewing and I'll share it all when I'm in a better frame of mind. For now, I'll spend the rest of the evening with a good book and hopefully wake up feeling more myself in the morning.

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Posted on September 2, 2014 and filed under Dear Diary.