Canning Weekend #3 Beef Chunks (And a garden project)

As I have just started canning weekend #4, I suppose I should get a post up about canning weekend #3. I had planned on boiling down 20lbs of leg/thigh pieces, deboning and making chicken stock. On Friday night I forgot to take them out of the freezer and then Saturday I was hit with unexplained nausea every time I got up and moved around. I didn't get much done until Sunday when I felt better and double timed it to get my to do list done. I really like to segregate my weekends for my house and projects and Monday through Friday to writing and working. It doesn't always fall within this nice neat schedule, but it's manageable. 

I decided to can beef chunks because it's quick and easy. While still partially frozen I chopped up two large beef roasts I got on mega sale. (14lbs for 20 dollars) I cold packed them into pint jars, threw in a sprinkle of salt and filled the jars half way with boiling water and processed at 13lbs pressure (due to my altitude) for 75 minutes. They all sealed and I was so happy about that after the last weekend when I lost a can of Cheesy potato soup in the canner making a huge mess. 

While plain and boring, I like having a stock of precooked beef chunks on hand. They make for quick stews, casseroles and even shredded beef sandwiches. 

 Canned Beef Chunks

Canned Beef Chunks

In the afternoon I got on the other project I have been meaning to tackle, getting the frame to a small greenhouse built. I plan on growing a ridiculous amount of Roma tomatoes this year and need to get them started early. So, while the son was digging to expand the garden, hubby and I got this frame up. 

 Greenhouse framed and ready

Greenhouse framed and ready

It's made of 2x2's. (Notice the distinct lack of SNOW! It's been a crazy season.) I built it to accommodate two Rubbermaid 3 tier shelves I had laying around with enough room to open the door and step inside. I can probably get a few hundred seedlings started in this and that's a lot more than I need right now.  I had a bit of trouble with the roof using one of those fancy carpenters calculators online. Well, you guys know me and technology by now. It didn't work out well. I ended up with two rafters that didn't fit. So I reviewed the old school method of stepping off with a square and got them perfect on the first try. I still need to build the door frame and then we will cover it in 6mil plastic in February sometime. I hope to plant seedlings by March 1st. 

And now to get onto canning and projects for THIS weekend! 

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