The Women of 1929: Working with Claire

Working With Claire

When Claire initially showed up she didn't seem like much more than Aryl's great catch. Platinum blonde with big dreamy eyes, I first perceived her as doll like and fragile. Who knew she could handle so much. Claire is fairly easy to work with now. Her trained shy and reserved attitude made it difficult to get to know her at first. However, the more I threw at her the more she was willing to talk. So, I had to be a sadist and throw all kinds of stuff at her. Fortunately I made a habit of beating up on her husband, so I could capitalize on the by product of his pain, too. 

When my first impression dissolved and the real Claire started to show herself, I really started feeling sorry for her. This is not what she signed up for. She was a hippy before being a hippy was cool. Or even a thing. Very forward thinking and progressive, she's an artist whose vision of life was first painted for her, then destroyed by a storm. (Quite literally there for a while.) And now she has to decide what she wants it to look like for herself. 

Claire's basic personality wasn't that hard for us to decode when she first appeared. She didn't panic like Arianna and she didn't meekly surrender like Ava. She was somewhere in the middle. Sort of how her husband is in the middle of Jon and Caleb. 

She has enough courage to face problems head on. And I gave her tons of problems. Aryl came back. Aryl recovered and Aryl continues to look for opportunities to better their life. But they will always have Jac. The original ADHD poster child. 

What it boils down to is this. All Claire wants is a dreamy little life by the beach with a patch of canvas to paint on and a husband that she knows is going to be there for her. That's really all it takes to make her happy. I think she should open a little studio after the depression eases up and possibly teach art lessons for money and barter in the meantime. What do you think?