The Women of 1929: Working with Ava

Working With Ava

Ava was a tough nut to crack. Her personality was veiled for much of the series. Meek and mouse like, I couldn't get close to her. But, she was established as Jonathan's wife, so there was no getting rid of her. (At one point we got so frustrated we considered killing her off. She just wouldn't stop being so damn mousy!) It really felt like there wasn't much to Ava. What was obvious is why Victor was attracted to her. She was a victim in waiting. It also became clear that it was that same trait that drew Jonathan to her, too, in a knight in shining armor kind of way. Luckily she was smart enough to ditch the toad and leave with the prince. 

Obviously we didn't kill her off (tempted as we were) and we did the best we could with her hoping she would eventually reveal why she was so muted. Yes, she lost her parents to the Spanish flu pandemic and yes, she ended up with her nasty cousins who spent all her inheritance from her aunt and made her feel like an unwelcome guest. But I really started wishing that she would just lose it, yell, scream and say something shocking. She was pushed close when Elyse showed up with Jon's illegitimate child, but even then she was quiet angry. 

When her full backstory exploded in the barn toward the end of the series, Lisa and I threw our hands in the air and yelled, "Finally!" At least now we had a reason why she'd been so hard to work with. Once that barrier had been broken, she was a lot more pleasant to construct scenes with. Her real personality has been a late blooming revelation. I mean, who would have guessed she could sing! She's a lot more vocal, daring and sultry than she was before. Within reason, of course. She's still the most restrained of the women. We'll allow her that. What makes her happy is a houseful of family. Rich or poor makes no difference. She grew up alone and it's her dream to fill that parchment family tree Jonathan gave her for Christmas with as many names as she can. We could write in as many children as we wanted and she's be thrilled. How many do you think she and Jonathan should have?