The Women of 1929: Working with Muzzy

The Women of 1929: Working With Muzzy

Oh, Muzzy. What a fun one. We first created her in order to establish a newspaper in Rockport. We thought it would be a good source of, well, news. We planted this seed while looking to the future. As we inch closer to World War Two, we need a way to incorporate historical events in a realistic way. 

When we wondered who might own the paper, Muzzy literally popped up, waiving her hand, calling shotgun. I envy her energy and drive. Like all the good ones, we didn't plan on her moving into the spotlight as much as she has. We figured the other characters would like her but we were surprised at how much of a little sister she became to everyone. We never planned on a love interest for her, either. When the opportunity presented itself with Peter, she resisted. Which only made it more fun to push it and watch her squirm. She does not want nor need love interfering with her life or business. Too bad it did anyway. 

In short, she's pretty easy to work with. It's only when she doesn't have anything to say, she won't and it's harder than heck to get her moving. She is one of the few that if I put her in a scene she doesn't want to be in, she'll sit there and stare at me. When I place her in the right scene, she bursts to life and starts running around and it's all I can do to type fast enough. I know pretty quick whether a scene with her is going to work.  

Muzzy is intense and needs very little sleep. I get a lot of ideas from her when I'm drifting off or in the middle of the night. Because I do need sleep. Even in my waking hours, she's hard to keep up with. A classic workaholic, she's also a revolutionary woman for the time she's in. She's polar in a way, while adhering to every rule relating to reporting and printing, she's hell bent on breaking every other rule that society had set.

I was surprised at how eager she has been to work with the main cast and how many ideas she has to contribute. Lately, she's been whispering about staring in solo mysteries. We're in negotiations. (wink) 

My question to readers is this. If Muzzy had her own set of mysteries, should they truly be solo or should I cameo the original cast of 1929 here and there?