Getting Organized. Or Trying To.

Getting Organized. Or Trying to.

Organization is not one of my strengths. I have tried every system imaginable and I end up spending more time planning my day than actually living it. I've ditched all the systems and started using my desk calendar only for appointments both online and in person. I've tried blocking out time for certain activities, scheduling everything down to the minute. That worked worse of all. I hate the clock. I've resorted to a basic checklist with bullet points. I'm striving to do everything in the order I laid out last night but if I don't, at least I can move about the list and work on getting everything checked off before I go to bed. 

Here's my day today. 

  • Get up
  • Feed cats
  • Coffee
  • Coffee
  • Pet cats
  • Coffee
  • Shower
  • Get son started on school
  • Check email/facebook (while petting cats) 
  • Blog post (you're reading it) 
  • Help son with math
  • Facebook post (you're probably reading that, too. Two birds, one stone.)
  • Clean litter box
  • Appointment across town
  • Throw dinner in crockpot while talking with Lisa
  • 2k words in one project
  • 500 words in another project
  • Check email/facebook
  • Draft series blog post to be released later 
  • Release first Enlightened Indies podcast
  • Scrounge for members to Enlightened Indies facebook group (If you're a writer, that's a hint.)
  • Start editing another podcast
  • Read over revisions
  • Read (for fun. Yay!)
  • Bed

And that's my day in a nutshell. I'm curious to see how others plan their day to be the most productive they can be. Comment below and tell me what you're doing! 

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Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under Uncategorized, Writing.