It's Not the End of the "Road"

 Purling Road: Season One (the compilation) coming to soon.

Purling Road: Season One (the compilation) coming to soon.

Well, that was fun. I really enjoyed writing Season One of Purling Road and learned a lot along the way. Lisa has been down from Montana this week and Season Two has moved from planned to plotted. (Yay!) We had a blast developing this one. Within the episodes and through the season overall we tried to balance the good and bad, happy and sad. There are some laughs, as always with this bunch, two new members of the family, a heart breaking loss and and some characters take on new directions while others exploit opportunities to survive as our characters grind through another year of the Great Depression the only way they know how. Together. 

While I'm writing the second season (I have to give credit for this idea to my good friend Roberta Kagan) I am going to upload chapters of Sayan Knights to Wattpad. The second book, Anareta, is very nearly complete and I hope to release it sometime in the next few months. Some of you have read Sayan Knights, some have been hesitant to try something in a new genre with a new set of characters. However everyone likes to be entertained and since the format of weekly uploads received such great feedback, I'd like to keep up with it. Every Monday and Thursday (beginning tomorrow), I'll upload a new chapter of Sayan Knights to Wattpad for all of you to read for FREE.  

So, thank you for walking with me down Purling Road: Season One and I hope you enjoy Sayan Knights during the "intermission". 

As always, thank you for reading.

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Posted on March 11, 2015 and filed under Sayan Knights, Writing, The 1929 Series.