My Life Times Ten - Little Known Facts

Ten little known things about me:

1.I have a degree in Laboratory Science. I was 35 when I graduated. I used the degree for five years and then walked away from it. 

2.I like the idea of travel, but rarely do. I tend to get very nervous when I'm away from home for even a few hours. 

3. I could care less about shoes. I prefer to go barefoot and find my back hurts much less when I do. (Thanks for the tip, Cody Lundin!)  I own flats, tennis shoes and bedroom slippers. Seriously, that's all. And I'm good with it. 

4.I have an extensive sweater collection. This is most likely to compensate for my lack of interest in shoes. My husband has 'named' all my sweaters. 

5.I'm the only one in my house that is happy when the power goes out. 

6.At one time I weighed 299.5 pounds sporting a hefty size 26/28 pants. THAT is a big bootie people. I have lost over 125 lbs over the last 5 years. I hope to keep it off, but brownies are like crack. I guess time will tell.

7. I cannot handle open space under my bed. It's an irrational fear (presumably from childhood that's only gotten worse) and will keep me up at night. I haven't had time to build a solid storage bed frame therefore my solution is two boxsprings under one mattress=no monsters. 

8. I was born in the south and occasionally the accent pops out, especially when I'm excited or upset. (It's cold. Close the winda, ya'll.) 

9.I have recently begun studying astrology. I figure if the wise men sought Jesus based on the stars, maybe they're worth checking out. 

10.I most admire those people who have tremendous self confidence and personality that own very little 'stuff'. I'm wary of people when it's the other way around. 

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