My Life Times Ten - My Favorite 10 YouTube Channels

I don’t watch much TV. Frankly, I’m too busy and there isn’t anything worth watching anyway. My time is precious and I won’t waste it on dribble. I use YouTube like others use cable and have dozens of channels to turn to. I also commonly refer to it as “YouTube University” since I have learned so, so much from helpful people uploading videos. Recently I needed to know how to reframe a window. YouTube University. I needed help explaining the Law of Thermodynamics to my son in a way that wouldn’t put him to sleep. YouTube University.  Chickens have lice? YouTube. Need to reupholster that chair? YouTube. Feeling really depressed and need to watch an hour long compilation of cats doing ridiculously cute things? Only on YouTube. (Yes, I have done this. It’s better than Prozac.)

Here’s a list of some of my favorite YouTube channels along with links. I hope you enjoy and find them as helpful as I have.

1.  Suspicious Observer

This guy knows his science. He has daily morning videos that cover solar activity and earthquake activity and has an interesting theory on how the two might be connected. He also covers major world weather. It’s always interesting to hear him report on a solar flare and then see my electronics go a bit wonky. The terminology is a bit daunting until you watch him for a while (and look up the definitions for several terms) but it’s fascinating to see what our sun is doing on a daily basis.

2. Our HalfAcre Homestead

Mrs. Volfie lives in Canada on her small homestead and has troves of helpful how to videos. Recently her husband has been on camera doing some projects as well. She has a lot of recipes as well.

3.  Khan Academy

I use this to supplement my son’s homeschool but it’s not limited to that. I love Khan academy because you can search for one single topic you are struggling with and (more likely than not) he has a video on it. He keeps them rather short 20 minutes as well as on screen drawing so kids are less likely to lose focus. This has helped put a finer point on some subjects that we were struggling with.

4.  Barbara Goldsmith

Probably my favorite astrologer on the internet. She’s just so darn happy! Barbara is from the UK, (lives in Rome? I believe) and is informative and uplifting.

5.  Aaron1912

This man uploads a treasure chest of old videos from the teens, twenties and thirties. (and beyond) Simply fascinating to have a glimpse into the past like this.  Hours and hours of virtual time travel here.

6.  The Do It Yourself World

The Do It Yourself World has built an off grid homestead in Northern New York and video documented the process. After some ‘zoning permit’ issues it was deemed he couldn’t live in a fifth wheel while getting the homestead started so he tore it down and reused the frame to make a tiny house. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to solar power and electricity and struggles daily to keep raccoons away from his chickens.  

7.  Greg Hunter

I watch Greg Hunter for all news financial and geo-political. He has reputable guests on frequently and it’s interesting (if not unnerving) to hear their opinions on the way things are going in the US and around the world. I’ve long felt that the financial track this country is unsustainable (and more of a slow motion train wreck) and sadly, Greg’s channel confirms that.

8.  Back to Basics Gal

Back to Basics Gal is just a neat person all around. Like Mrs. Volfie she has a wealth of knowledge on the old ways. From her I learned to can cheese, butter, cream cheese, meatloaf and learned how to make Depression era yeast. (I use the fast rise yeast to get it started. It was clearly stated not to use that. Needless to say, my Depression yeast failed. Refer to blog post “I painted myself into a corner” at the bottom where I remind myself that the rules do apply to me, too. ) I will try again with the right yeast.

9.  ScreenJunkies

(Because I can’t be all depressing financial news and homesteading) These guys are really funny and have a huge following. They make parody ‘trailers’ for movies. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the theater. I can’t remember the last time I saw a trailer on TV and had the urge to go to the movies. There’s just not that much quality out there anymore. ScreenJunkies seems to drive that point home with it’s hilarious re-do’s, recapping popular movies, poking fun and in the span of three minutes making you glad you didn’t waste ten bucks. (Actually, I went to see Interstellar at the planetarium and liked it.) :-) 

10.  HCGChica

The go to source for all things HCG. I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to try my first round of HCG if it wasn’t for all of her informative videos. She has done the protocol and devoted so much time to teaching others. She also does an occasional interview with people who have reached their goal and had just published a workbook to help people along. As I’ve encountered issues on my many rounds I have always gone to her channel, done a search and found a video that has helped.

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Posted on May 12, 2015 and filed under My Life Time Ten.