What's Keeping Me Productive—Thus, Sane

It's the first day without something related to Purling Road to see to. The writing was done a few months ago, but receiving each episode back from editing, approving changes, last minute scanning, formatting, submitting and publishing still needed to be done on a weekly basis.

Personally, I love the serial format for writing. For releasing, it was a bit more work. Perhaps one of these days I'll stream line it in a way that it's not always looming, pressing and constantly in the back of my thoughts.

Today is different for another reason. I haven't started Season Three. When Season One was wrapping up, I was well into writing the next one. So while we said, “Yay, Season One finale!” we were eyeballs deep in Season Two. I almost felt lost without Purling this morning. Then I remembered I have a half dozen things cooking on my stove! Whew! A bored wordmonkey is a terrible thing. And potentially dangerous.

I thought I'd share a rundown of what's currently keeping me productive and thus, sane.

Season Three is fleshed out. As in, Lisa and I have sat down with mass quantities of froyo (in the absence of decent teriyaki in this state) and hammered out the basics for ten episodes. So we know what's going to happen. Right now it's simmering. We've learned that when a plot wants to simmer, there's no need to panic. It's not going anywhere. It only means there's something important that we didn't see or take into account and it will reveal itself eventually. We're sort of waiting for that, listening to the whispers on the wind.

In other neurotic news, I have started (and left to simmer at 10k words) a book using my new penname, Elyse Richfield. (Subscribe to Elyse's Updates here.) This one is interesting because it's a new genre (contemporary romance) set in modern times. And I'm struggling. I told Lisa in passing that I should rewind it a hundred years in order to finish. Who knows, that might work. I don't like to think that I'm stuck writing only in the past because I hate restriction and when confined in any way, wordmonkey turns into crazedmonkey. However, I love writing and productivity more than any specific era so I might have to accept my confines for now.

Basically what I'm saying is, I have no idea what Elyse is going to produce. It will be exciting to see.

I also finished a ghost writing collaborative project with a woman in the UK. I managed fifty four thousand words in a month. There was a lot of coffee involved. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ghost writing gig, I can't reveal the project. It was a good experience. I wouldn't mind doing it again. (And it looks like I might.) 

In addition, I've been eyeballs deep in the creation of a podcast I plan to launch soon. The purpose of the pod is, well, I'll let you read the opening narrative. Shayla Eaton graciously lent her voice for this opening piece.

Welcome to the Enlightened Indies Podcast where we focus on the human element of digital publishing. Our intent is to share, teach, guide and enlighten those new to or considering self-publishing. Join us for insightful talks given by successful self-published authors on what they’ve learned, what works and what doesn’t.

I've purchased and learned three different software programs (recording, audio editing and video making) and my brain is swimming. This is highly unlike me—a hermit who thinks Morse code is still an acceptable form of texting—so my curiosity is really piqued at why/how I'm doing this.

Lisa and I have discussed this at length (as we do many of my mental oddities) and all we can come up with is that it's time to give back. I really want to help those who are new or struggling to see their way through the forest. I want to become what I wish I had when I started out.

I'm grateful for my success and everything I've learned. I lose nothing by sharing and giving back.

I'm looking forward to hosting other authors because no matter what your goals, there is no one way to succeed as an Indie. There are many, many ways to get up the anthill. What worked for me might not work for you. But what worked for Suzie McSellsAlot might be the thing you need to implement to move to the next level. Which is why it's important that I don't do this solo and drone on and on about my personal experience. Eventually, (quickly) I'd run out of material and end up just talking about my cats. Then I'd have to change the mission, the theme music, the logo and everything. And then Monica would go crazy. (Actually, I'm amazed that she hasn't already.) In all seriousness, she's a trooper and I could not do any of this without her. One of the first pods we're going to do will be the in's and out's of hiring an assistant. I applaud authors that can do this alone. I'm not one of them. I need an assistant. Specifically, I need Monica. The three of us are a well oiled machine. But I'll get into that with the podcast.

What else...Oh! So the stock market went crazy the other day. Of course the Jonathan in me was glued. Then something interesting happened. I really hesitate to say something on this in the off chance that it doesn't go anywhere. But I suppose I will anyway. I had an idea in the middle of watching charts more jagged than the Rocky Mountains and it was eerily similar to the idea sparked nearly seven years ago to the day when I got the idea for 1929. Another man, another loss. Very different than Jonathan, though. It was a personal loss, as in love and set perhaps two hundred years ago? I'm not sure. This one is further back, that much we do know. I typed out the scene as fast as I could, sent it to Lisa and immediately it started talking to both of us. I'm pretty excited. That's a good sign. The idea that flashed seven years ago while watching the market crash turned into something pretty special. I'm anxious to see where this might lead. The next generational saga for M.L? Here's to hoping!  

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Posted on August 26, 2015 and filed under Writing.