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 The Unraveling of Us by M.L. Gardner

The Unraveling of Us by M.L. Gardner

A while back I made a blog post announcing a new pen name to publish anything outside the historical fiction genre. When we looked at the details of establishing a new name, the workload was daunting. File that idea under ‘sounded good at the time’. After much consideration we have decided to keep everything under the umbrella of the M.L. Gardner name.

In the past, all readers haven’t ‘loved it’ when I left the series to produce other projects. And that’s fine. It’s only because my readers are so important to me that I considered splitting off in the first place. The limits of time and energy make it overly difficult.

I feel like I need to venture outside of Rockport now and then to not only keep my sanity, but to take small breaks from my beloved characters so when I go back, we’re both rejuvenated and ready to work.

My next release, The Unraveling of Us, has nothing whatever to do with The 1929 Series. It is something that was important to Lisa, Monica and I. I needed to finish it and let it provide that much needed break from the serial. (Which I am currently and happily back to working on.)

I realized that there are so many genres I want to write in. I have a few mysteries floating around, I have a dystopian series I hope to release this year. Lisa just had a great idea for a paranormal murder mystery. And contemporary, once I got into it, wasn’t so bad after all. I have other ideas there as well.

Branching off with new names doesn’t make much sense knowing that. So, I hope that avoids any confusion on the next release and the disappearance of Elyse Richfield. And I do hope you enjoy The Unraveling of Us. 

The Unraveling of Us Coming FEBRUARY 12TH!

What if facing your darkest fears meant finding a brighter future?

The Unraveling of Us by M. L. Gardner

A once-perfect life has spiraled out of control for Stephanie and Phillip Bouchard after their daughter’s drug addiction leaves them blind-sided and hopeless. Their strained relationship escalates when financial troubles and Phillip’s near infidelity pierce Stephanie’s heart, dragging her into an emotionally untouchable state. Stephanie considers ending the marriage and begins searching for a way out.

Phillip is determined to repair the damage and save his family with the help of Stephanie’s best friend, Cali, who suggests a weekend getaway to her rustic family cabin. After repeatedly ignoring the offer, Stephanie’s resistance is shattered when a crisis forces the couple to face each other head on.

Tension builds as simple acts like talking seem forced and unwanted, leading to more frustration.

Will Stephanie and Phillip unravel their tangled history and find true happiness again?

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