War Time Recipe #1: Easy Frosting

War Time Recipe #1: Easy Frosting || MLGardnerBooks.com

During World War Two, sugar was the first commodity to be rationed. By the spring of 1942, Americans were not able to purchase sugar without government issued food coupons or ration books. This remained in effect until 1947. Each person was allowed to purchase two pounds of sugar per month. That comes out to 4 cups and sounds like a lot for a whole month. But, a batch of cookies calls for one cup and when you're making everything from scratch, (not to mention sweetening tea and coffee everyday) I'm sure it went quickly. Corn syrup was not rationed, though and must have cost dearly to get a hold of. 

Here's a recipe for a three ingredient "sugarless" frosting that is really tasty. 

Easy Frosting

1/2 cup corn syrup

10 tsp unsweetened cocoa (adjust to taste, more for darker tasting frosting) 

1 Tbsp butter. 

Mix all over medium heat. You only want to soften the corn syrup until the butter melts, not cook or boil. Stir until smooth.

Let the mixture cool a few  minutes and then pour over a each layer of a cooled cake. Tilt the cake to spread over the top. 

This is surprisingly rich and sweet enough, but not overly sweet like we are used to with store bought frosting.  I think I actually prefer this. I like how it seeps into the cake making it ultra moist. I'll definitely make it again.