Elizabeth's Heart: Book Two

Available in ebook, paperback, and audio.

The 1929 Series takes an unexpected turn when Simon Sinclair finds himself under the doctor’s radar after his prophetic visions land him in a Massachusetts asylum. In 1929, mental health treatment was anything but a solution. With no recovery, Simon faces extremities like shock therapy, mind-numbing medications, and torture. But nothing tortures him more than his feelings for the newest patient in the insane asylum: Elizabeth Williams.

With one look into her eyes, Simon finds himself lovestruck. But his pining leads to more visions, which leads to more treatments. Unable to stop the dreams, he must bear it all for her.

Like every patient there, Elizabeth is a troubled young woman—with a dark secret. But nothing could prepare Simon for the darkest secret of all: Elizabeth suffers from a personality disorder. Devoted to her, Simon only sees the real Elizabeth, not the violent version of her. While the new couple falls deeper in love, the wards grow concerned that they’re making their conditions worse—as if they’re feeding off of each other.

Realizing freedom is the only way for them to be together, Simon and Elizabeth escape with the help of an unlikely hospital source who’s hiding his own secrets. Their escape proves to be temporary, as they’re sent back to the asylum, where Simon’s worst nightmare comes true: Elizabeth’s violent personality makes an appearance and triggers repeated visions that Simon can’t decipher.

After a selfless act of love, Simon’s actions places one of the main characters from the novel 1929 in serious danger.

Did you know that M.L. Gardner's Elizabeth's Heart has a theme song? Daylen Orlick took inspiration from the book and wrote this beautiful song titled, "Can't Make It Out Alone". Find out more about Daylen here.

M.L. Gardner has me wondering where she was taking me and then as she reeled me in all the pieces fit so perfectly together.
— Reader Review
Gardner has written this book in such a way, picking just right descriptive words, making you feel as if you are sitting in the common room with everyone.
— Reader Review