Creative Ebook Marketing With Nalana Lillie of Book Scents

M.L. Gardner talks with Nalana Lillie about creating designer candles and why it might be the perfect promotional tool for your books!

Book Scents currently carries over 40 different highly scented candles, inspired by more than 18 books/book series.

She has worked with bestselling authors and their teams as well as new indie authors to develop amazing swag to share with their fan base. Learn more at The Writer's Block.

 Nalana Lillie of Book Scents

Nalana Lillie of Book Scents

Implementing Tactics for Digital Marketing With Angela J. Ford

Authors Angela J. Ford and M.L. Gardner talk about implementing tactics for digital marketing. They also discuss finding your target audience, making connections through social media and the first impression your website makes.

Angela J. Ford

J. Thorn on Email Best Practices, & the Book Review

Finally. The first podcast with J. Thorn is out. We discuss email newletters, best practices, ethics and how to use your list to market for reviews. Laugh along as we reveal some of the mistakes we made early on.

You can find J. Thorn at, on Facebook here, on Twitter @JThorn_, and on Amazon here. And while you're at it, subscribe to his newsletter here. (You'll get a free book!)

Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under Enlightened Indies.