Frugal Eating in the New Depression

by M. L. Gardner & Daisy E. Lynn

Available in ebook and paperback.

Putting a decent, hearty meal on the table in these hard economic times isn't easy, and these two gals know it.

Molly endured gut-wrenching financial ruin due to a string of family health problems while Daisy fled an abusive marriage to find safety in a domestic violence shelter and then go from there to care for herself on a food stamp income.

They both thrive today because they reached back to the roots of home cooking and embraced simplicity. Unafraid of the extra work, and certain of the benefits, they both were able to survive their hardships when they chose this new, old way of cooking.

Frugal eating and cooking asks that you learn a few basics, and then add what you like from there. This cookbook features old fashioned, simple cooking. As real as their names, Molly and Daisy's recipes aren't fancy—just good, real food.

Daisy's recipes are for 1-3 people, and Molly's recipes are family sized. With a little tweaking, they all can be adapted to any size family. They invite you to see how to feed yourselves and your family well on a small budget.

They both share their budgets and shopping habits and show ways to stock up on basic supplies to create your own bountiful pantry.

It is both Molly and Daisy’s goal to help people who are struggling in a harsh economy and trying to survive on an ever-shrinking food budget. They hope the result of sharing their knowledge, tips, suggestions and recipes will help people do more with less and reduce the food insecurity in this country.

So make a cup of tea and let Molly and Daisy introduce themselves and Frugal Eating in The New Depression.

Frugal eating: Creativity meets basic ingredients, sprinkled with common sense.