Purgatory Cove: Book Five

Elizabeth Williams’ mind is full of fissures and hairline fractures held together by the love of fellow patient, Simon Sinclair. But when the staff at the Massachusetts Asylum for Feeble Minds and Lunatics informs her that Simon, her soul mate, had died, she instantly shatters.

Retreating within the depths of her mind, she must confront the fractured personality that’s tried to control her for years. But Elizabeth discovers that she’s outnumbered and must live in the shadows of her own personal purgatory until she finds the strength to change her fate.

Purgatory Cove is best enjoyed after having read The 1929 Series Books 1-4.

M.L. Gardner has done it again with this novella. She lures you into her world with gripping prose that illuminates her characters in a special way.
— Reader Review
This is the 5th book in this series and I want more!!! ML Gardner has a way of bringing more and more intrigue with every book while weaving it into a fantastic tapestry... Love her writing!!! Highly recommended.
— Reader Review
Purgatory Cove - Book Five