Purling Road: The Complete Third Season (A 1929 Serial)

With winter closing in, the cast of The 1929 Series face a brand new set of challenges. If there is one thing they’ve learned to do over the years, it’s how to stick together.

Maura is called to her hardest task yet, having to take over the raising of Tarin’s newborn baby, Brigid. Gordon’s faith in life and love is put to the test. Arianna attempts to close the gap of mistrust with Caleb while pressing to bring the dream of her own salon to life. Caleb wrestles with a bad feeling that haunts him like a ghost. Claire and Aryl come to terms with the decision they’ve made not have any more children and surgery day isn’t as easy for Claire as she thought.

When an epidemic strikes and the town is all but shut down, Muzzy and Peter become Rockport’s saving grace while a Texas newcomer brings unexpected hope and friendship, just when the group needs it the most.

Jonathan and Ava are tested with a devastating loss, leaving the others to wonder if Jonathan will sink down into the depths of depression again, or rise to meet an uncertain future with determination and hope.

Purling Road - The Complete Third Season: Episodes 1-10
The story is well written and enfolds the reader into the lives of the characters.
— Reader Review