Purling Road: The Boxed Set

“Great book for historical fiction and hardship, felt the characters were well developed and their friendships and hardships were very real, believable and relate-able. You will NOT regret picking these books up, but you will regret them ending :(” — Reader

“These characters become family and the writing is so good that it makes it very difficult to put them aside, even when daily chores begin to pile up!” — Reader

"Another M. L. Gardner gem! Love the characters in the 1929 series and can't put the books down."— Reader

Purling Road: Season One

Purling Road: Season Two

Short Stories from 1929 (Bonus!)

 Purling Road: The Boxed Set

Purling Road: The Boxed Set

The 1929 Series continues with Purling Road: A 1929 Serial followed by Short Stories from 1929 as a FREE bonus! 

Purling Road (The Complete First Season: Episodes 1-10) 

After the terrible accident that nearly claimed his friend's life, Caleb quits the fishing business and returns to his farm, disrupting Jonathan's plans for growth. Though the men must continue on without him, tension remains between the friends. 

The strain intensifies when a chance encounter with the new sheriff of Rockport sends chills down Caleb’s spine. What is it about Sheriff William that unsettles them all? David’s return to Rockport lands him in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it may just be perfect timing for someone else in need. 

A handsome stranger catches the eye of the adorable and frantic Muzzy Brown. What are his intentions in town, and will she slow down long enough to find out? A family secret is discovered in Jonathan’s attic, leading him to question everything he knew about his past. 

More secrets from the past are revealed, complicating the group’s lives even further. Aryl is tempted by old demons. Jean’s birth mother’s reputation becomes a source of pain for Jean. The tension between Jonathan and Caleb finally comes to a head. 

Will they forgive each other, or will they go their separate ways for good? 

Purling Road (The Complete Second Season: Episodes 1-10) 

In Season Two of Purling Road, the financial hardships are temporarily eased as Jonathan and Aryl find success with a new business venture. Even with this small reprieve, everyone is faced with a long, hot summer. Relationships are brutally tested. Some are broken, never to be the same again and even Maura finds it difficult to help her friends. 

The fuse is lit when boredom and frustration lead Claire, Ava, and Arianna to a girl’s night that reincarnates Arianna to her former glory. After suffering a loss, she reaches her breaking point and Caleb is left to deal with the aftermath of her destructive decisions. 
Ruth moves to town with her son and finds the women welcoming her friendship and advice. 

Tempers rise faster than the tide when Claire makes a decision that Aryl can’t live with. Ava and Jonathan welcome a new member of the family, and soon after, she is forced to reveal a carefully guarded secret, but not before Jonathan assumes the worst. 
With her paper on more solid ground, Muzzy is forced to take drastic action to save her reputation, taking Rockport by surprise. 

As everyone focuses on their own crises, it becomes increasingly hard to come together—the only thing that has saved them in the past. Season Two is nothing short of explosive as everyone must look within themselves for answers. 

Short Stories from 1929 (Bonus Novella) 

"It was a hard, grueling time touched with some form of deprivation and heartache or another. And, as Maura scanned her own memories, it was a time that not a single other generation would ever fully understand. 
It was their time." 

Short Stories from 1929 is the first set of short stories woven from the threads of the novel, 1929. 

More than forty years after the Great Crash, Maura gathers friends and family for an evening of storytelling. From the tales she crafts a book for Jonathan, who has suffered a stroke and is now bedridden. Loved ones narrate accounts from long ago, moments mentioned but never fully explained in the novel, 1929 by M. L. Gardner. 

The Night of the Big Wind in Ireland
The Voyage to America
The Last Christmas