Short Stories From 1929 (The 1929 Series)

Short Stories from 1929

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"It was a hard, grueling time touched with some form of deprivation and heartache or another. And, as Maura scanned her own memories, it was a time that not a single other generation would ever fully understand. It was their time." 

Short Stories from 1929 is the first set of short stories woven from the threads of the novel, 1929. 
More than forty years after the Great Crash, Maura gathers friends and family for an evening of storytelling. From the tales she crafts a book for Jonathan, who has suffered a stroke and is now bedridden. 

Loved ones narrate accounts from long ago, moments mentioned but never fully explained in the novel, 1929 by M.L. Gardner. 

The Night of the Big Wind in Ireland
The Voyage to America
The Last Christmas.

This was so real and down to earth. Learned things about the era that isn’t in the history books. Felt these people were a part of my world.
— Reader Review
All of her stories have a richness to details, whether dialogue or descriptions. A must read for this genre.
— Reader Review