Leaving the door open for sequels yet to be written, Gardner tells the story of an era yet to occur. She has perfected the skill for drawing the reader into the story, offering page after page of eagerness to see what’s next. This reader has enjoyed each story she has written; and “Sayan Knights” is no exception. There is no slow beginning. No failure to relate to her characters. No boredom with the plot. Pick up an ML Gardner book, and I assure you that you will be hooked on her work. Now, on to the story....
Another era.....descendants of the old world work to survive and prosper in a new world dominated by “the city”. You will find romance, combat, envy, developing relationships....and wisdom. Gardner never simply ends a story. She always leaves the door open for more to come....
— Reader Review

The Rebellion: Eris

Available in ebook, paperback and audio.

This action-packed dystopian novel by the best-selling author of the 1929 Series takes you far into the future where freedom and truth no longer exist.

After a worldwide pandemic decimates the population, those left alive fall for the promises of a tyrannical regime. Decades later, no one knows the world was ever free, save a small group of men and women brave enough to escape.

Nicholi, a third-generation rebel, now leads the village his grandfather founded sixty years earlier. Sheltered deep in the Sayan Mountains of Russia, he trains resistance fighters for the rebellion and copes with the reckless behavior of his jealous younger brother.

Quinn, the latest recruit smuggled from the city is a distraction for Nicholi and soon ignites his passion for something other than war. After a bitter betrayal, Nicholi learns a dark family secret that forces an urgent decision. While balancing what’s best for his people and fulfilling his own destiny, he is caught up in a life or death game of power and obsession that could destroy everything his ancestors worked for.

“It was an awesome retreat into a world of adventure and adversity. The main characters are engaging and human,” says one Amazon reviewer of Sayan Knights. Another notes: “You will find romance, combat, envy, developing relationships....and wisdom.”

Sayan Knights